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Relates to the liability of landowners who permit recreational uses of their land; establishes landowners owe no duty to keep premises safe for entry, passage over premises or other recreational uses or to give warning of any hazardous condition or use of or structure or activity on such premises to persons entering for such purposes.January 23, 2021

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January 23, 2021


Approves land transactions relating to the implementation of the land exchange for the forest preserve health and safety land account and public utility improvements

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January 21, 2021


Relates to providing a tax credit for densified biomass fuel expenditures

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January 21, 2021

A. 787 /S.5181

Establishes a forestry stewardship and habitat conservation credit for personal income and business franchise taxes.

Support Memo  January 23, 2021


Establishes the low carbon fuel standard of 2021; such standard is intended to reduce carbon intensity from the on-road transportation sector by 20% by 2032, with further reductions to be implemented based upon advances in technology.

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 January 25, 2021


Relates to selectively cutting timber and exclusion of current best management practices from regulated activities.

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January 26, 2021


Relates to lowering the age for universal hunting licenses from 14 years old to 12 years old Support Memo February 7, 2021