Economic Impact of Forest Products in New York State

  • The forest products industry is among New York’s leading manufacturers
  • Over 93,097 New Yorkers are employed in forest products manufacturing with a payroll of just over $2.5 billion.  It is estimated that an additional 3,000 individuals work in forestry and logging
  • The forest products industry contributes $13.1 billion indirect economic output in the state. 
  • The forest sector’s linkages to the state’s economy generated an additional $9.8 billion indirect and induced production activities for a total state wide economic impact of $22.9 billion dollars
  • The average labor income per worker is $61,526.
  •  Of the 19 million forested acres in New York State, 4.8 million acres are publicly owned (4.1 million acres by New York State) and 14.2 million acres or 75% are privately owned.   Of that 14% is corporately owned and the remaining balance and majority of forest land in New York State is owned by families and individuals.
  • The annual value of sales or output of New York’s forest products industry totals over $9.9 billion while the forest-based recreation economy is worth $8.2 billion.