ESFPA Affiliations

ESFPA is the voice of the forestry and wood using industry in New York, the only advocacy organization in New York in the forestry sector.  However, there are many organizations, groups and resources which share our mission and work to ensure that the working landscape remains viable in New York State. 

The mission of ESFPA is:

To improve public awareness and promote public policy in support of productive and healthy New York forests and the forest products economy to meet the needs of society today and for future generations.

The following are some of our affiliations and key resources for all individuals interested in the sector.

The Empire State Forestry Foundation is focused on educating the public about forestry, and has thoughtfully focused on the most pressing challenges of the day.  On issues ranging from forest management to climate change, ESFF  has been able to offer financial aid, support research and advance public discourse about an understanding of critical forestry issue.  These pursuits are made possible through the support of like-minded friends, volunteers and corporate and foundation partners.  ESFF Partners include:  the New York Arbor Day Program and Project Learning Tree.    The Empire State Forest Products Association helps to administer the ESFF.

The New York Logger Training Program provides educational skills training for the forest products industry in New York State. NYLT is a cooperative effort of timber harvesters, foresters, forest industry , forest landowners, government and educators working together to learn and practice environmentally sound logging practices and improved woods skills to develop a safer work environment, increased productivity and profits and a better quality of life.

Trained logger certification (TLC) is a voluntary program of NYLT which recognizes loggers who have achieved a level of training and continuing education. The Empire State Forest Products Association administers the New York Logger Training Program at the NY Forestry Resource Center. 

Since the original certificates were presented in 1996, TLC has become the standard training program for the wood using industry in NY.

Other Affiliations

The New York Forest Owners Association's (NYFOA) mission is to promote sustainable forestry practices and improved stewardship on privately owned woodlands in New York State. NYFOA is a not-for-profit group of people who care about NYS trees and forests and are interested in the thoughtful management of private forests for the benefit of current and future generations.

The New York Society of American Foresters (NYSAF) was chartered in 1918, just 18 years after the founding of the forestry profession and our parent organization, the Society of American Foresters. The NYSAF is divided into five chapters: Western NY, Central NY, Iroquois, Adirondack, and Hudson Valley.More than 350 professionals are members of NYSAF. Professional members come from varied disciplines and all business sectors, including academia, industry, public agencies, NGOs, and private consulting firms. And, at any given time, nearly one-quarter of NYSAF's membership is comprised of students.

The mission of the NY Tree Farm Program is to promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands in New York State while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry. This mission is shared by our national organization, The American Tree Farm System® (ATFS) which is a program of the American Forest Foundation. We are committed to sustaining forests, watershed and healthy habitats through the power of private stewardship.

The Northern Forest Center since being founded in 1997, we have rallied people around a vision for the region’s future that is built on thriving communities, healthy forests and innovative and resilient local economies. The Center is a regional innovation and investment partner creating rural vibrancy by connecting people and economy to the forested landscape. We contribute ideas, support and expertise to people strengthening economic opportunity and environmental resiliency across the Northern Forest of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.

The Hardwood Federation   - The Hardwood Federation is the largest DC-based hardwood industry trade association, representing thousands of hardwood businesses in every state in the U.S. and acting as the industry's advocacy voice on Capitol Hill.  It is an umbrella organization representing the majority of trade associations engaged in the manufacturing, wholesaling, or distribution of North American hardwood lumber, veneer, plywood, flooring and related products.