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New York State is diverse and sprawling, known for one of the largest and most famous cities in the world.  However, the bigger things happening in New York are less known and we’re working to change that. 

New York State is also over 65% covered with a lush forest.  Most New Yorkers live and work in rural and semi-rural communities within this wonderful environment.  Our job as an Association is to ensure that our forests, way of life and contributions to our great state remain accessible and visible and get support from the more urban New York residents.  The challenges before us are significant.  Despite our constant efforts in Albany, there is no more meaningful voice to legislators and other decision makers than that of our members.  Keeping our Association strong is vital - our strength is found in our membership. 

The Empire State Forest Products Association (ESFPA) was founded in 1906 and has been the voice of the forest products industry in New York State since then.  Our over 400 members companies and individuals represent a very large segment of the economic input the industry overall contributes to New York State.  We represent all segments of our industry from manufacturing, large and small landowners, paper companies, loggers and foresters, individuals and bioenergy facilities.  We are the only voice for the forestry industry in Albany.  We monitor legislation and regulations around the state and at the Federal level.  We work towards improving markets and the business environment for our industry.  

All these efforts are made possible through membership dollars.  Each dues-paying member helped to contribute to these efforts, supporting the industry as a whole.   ESFPA is grateful for that support and looks to all businesses in the industry sector who have benefited through their support to continue their membership with the Association.  If you are not a member, this is the time to join!