Below are some pertinent ESFPA issues and relevant links.

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  • Available is a link to Conserving and Restoring America The Beautiful - A preliminary report to the National Climate Task Force recommending a ten-year, locally led campaign to conserve and restore the lands and waters upon which e all depend and that bind us together as Americans.

Adirondack Issues

Climate Change

Extended Producer Responsibility

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species

  • Northern Long Eared Bat LINK to the DEC guidance for Northern Long Eared Bats adopted in May 2016 and applicable as long as NLEB remains "threatened".  Should the feds change the designation from threatened to endangered its status in NY will automatically be changed in NY and this guidance may become moot.   Note the cutting restrictions within 5 miles of a known hibernacula from April 1 to October 31.  This is not a prohibition of cutting just certain restrictions. Here is a link to a map of summer and winter (i.e. hibernacula) statewide     You can also find out closer locations on the Environmental Mapper